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"Excellence is never an  accident."




Our objectives are really quite simple: We invest in game-changing individuals and ideas. We immerse ourselves in assisting our portfolio companies to craft and execute their vision and drive dynamic, trend-setting growth. If you’re simply looking for a Suit with money, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for a partner that contributes real-world knowledge, resources and success… welcome to Baron VC.

"Progress is not achieved by  luck or accident, but by  working."




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Guy R. Mace

Senior Partner

Guy R. Mace is a seasoned executive with over 40 years of management experience. He’s directed several turnarounds, upgrading losing operations to profitable, growth-oriented companies.  Several of these turnarounds involved startup companies and culminated in a sale or acquisition to a larger suitor. As a chemical engineer, his appreciation of the technical facets of operations provides a unique mentoring opportunity and resource for Baron VC’s portfolio companies.  Knowing when and how to mentor inexperienced, albeit good company managers has been a key to a long, successful career in executive management and ownership.   

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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Guy C. Mace

Managing Partner

'Colby' is a mechanical engineer with a specific affinity and focus on sales and messaging. Prior to co-founding Baron VC in August 2011, he was the President and CEO of Siemens Turbomachinery Solutions, a division of Siemens AG. Colby's career has primarily focused on developing and maintaining mid- and executive-level relationships in large industrial customers, and translating those relationships to mutually successful sales. Due to the nature of captaining a large manufacturing and service company that operated in both domestic and global arenas, Colby's experience is in all aspects of executive management, as well as market and product development. 

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Our Focus... Baron VC invests in individuals and businesses whom possess the potential to shift the paradigm in their respective industries, or define new ones. We evaluate the individual(s) as much as the business plan, and will not participate in any opportunity unless it offers exponential growth possibilities. We require a record of effort and commitment, and thus prefer positions in post-revenue companies.

Our Contribution... Baron VC is a privately-funded venture capital firm. Our principles posses extensive experience in all aspects of successfully taking a company from start-up to acquisition target. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we lend strategic and operational insights to maximize our portfolio companies’ growth, profitability and marketability. We’re a “hands-on” VC firm that prefers to work alongside our portfolio partners, from the initial funding event to the end game. 

Our Requirements... Given the inherent risk of the VC marketplace, we are extremely selective and strategic with our investments. As a first wave of review, the following criteria are critical to investment consideration. First, potential investments are typically post-revenue, thus presenting some degree of financial/performance history. Second, the existing management team must be competent and willing to remain in situ during Baron VC’s vested period. Third, the investment must present exponential, long-term growth opportunity. 

Modus Operandi

"Because a thing seems    difficult, do not think it  impossible."


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